Pyramid Head (The Rapey's ALWAYS rapey ^.^) - Silent Hill 2


MinamiCon 13 (2007)

Yep, at Minamicon 2007 with Jess and Dane as two Zombie Nurses :D




I've loved Pyramid Head for years now since playing Silent Hill 2, but the Gans film really made me fall back in love with him. The head was entirely made out of construction card, they spraypainted black in the communal garden at the bottom of our flat (the pyramid marks still on the mud down there, dun dun duuun!) and then painted to look old and rusted.

I could see surprisingly well as The cross cross grills on the sides were actually open, with plenty of visibility. I had fabric mesh attached over them on the inside so you couldn't see my face, but it went quite well, unless I wanted to see in front, which was impossible because of the spine of the pyramid. :@

(The visibility thing was a lesson well learned from my previous cosplay group, We Love Katamarii, with Jess, Dane, Heff, and Moose, where visibility was incredibly poor!)

The schematic for the head wasnt all that hard, I made a tiiiny scale version of it first to get the preportions right, and stuck it on a little wooden drawing manequinn. Guess I should have put him on my montage, actually.

The meatskirt was suede with 4 layers of paint built up over the course of 4 days to get that Ed Gein feel.

The Boots were probably one of my favourite parts, but you can't see them in any of the pictures, damns! They were platform boots nearly a foot high to give me the extra height and tottery walk, covered in this really rotton looking suede which we heavilly painted. They looked foul.

Finally topping the costume off was my Great Knife, which was made from a cardboard core with layering of papeir marche. I'd have liked to do more layers, but as with all my projects it was completed in the last 4 weeks running up to the con itself, so time was of the essence ;)

This was really really fun to wear, loads of people grabbed us for photos, and a whole number of guys wanted to wear the head and get their own photos done too, which was cool! If anyones got any questions or anything else they wanna talk about it, drop me a comment!


Mungojerrie posted on 20 January, 2008 - 22:20
You win at life. :]

PapercutPerfect posted on 3 April, 2008 - 17:49
Zomg 8D I agree with Holly, you do indeed win at life.