Nel Tu Oderschvank (Adult Nel) - Bleach


AyaCon 2013




I chose to make this costume as Nel is one of my favourite characters in the Bleach series. As it was my first handmade costume, I also chose it for the simplicity of the costume to get an idea of my skill level. The hardest part was sizing the initial dress size to fit my body size and also the mask (which my partner made). The easiest part of making the costume was the mask (I can say this cos I didn't make it haha!), of the actual dress it was the chopping of the ragged edges (was probably more fun than it should have been!)

What I learned was a) how easy it is to make a mask from paper mache and b) I can make clothes apparently!

It was very easy to wear and move around in and comfortable enough to wear all day.


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