Hit Girl
Kick-ass 2

Cosplayer: SaffronJay

Variant: KickAss 2 film version

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

29th October 2013: Expo I managed to get everything finished for expo (just). My gloves and boots arrived on the Thursday which was a relief as I was panicking about them a little :/ the glue that I used originally for the pads wasn't strong enough so I had to get my hands on some extra strong stuff the day before to seal the edges which worked really well. I also has to practice the make up on the night before, luckily it didn't turn out to be very complicated and I managed it quite easily in the end: just a little bit of purple eye make up and pink lip gloss.
I also has to finish my knives the night before. I would have preferred to drill holes but instead I decided to draw in black holes as I didn't think that it was a very important detail.

Expo went really well dispute how tired I was from queuing for such a long time in such a hot costume XP I also couldn't sit down due to the back darts being to big (I will fix this before the next con) I also split the back of the crotch slightly when bending down quickly to grab my train ticket when I dropped it before getting on the replacement bus.
Other than that I had a lot of fun as a lot of people recognised me and asked for photos (which I have not seen any of yet on the net :P) and I also saw a LOT of kick-ass cosplay era which was a surprise to me. The first I saw was a Colonel stars and stripes which really surprised me as he came up to me out of the blue and I was quite shocked as I was also trying to work out how to actually get the con. I must have seemed very surprised as he asked me if I had even seen kick-ass 2 xD I also saw a nice kick-ass himself who took a photograph with me (we where about to shoot the cameraman with my guns haha) and a very lovely Dr Gravity at the end of the day who I high fived while waiting for the bus and then he came and had a chat to me at the station. I wish I had gone for both days as there where many cosplay era that I missed as well as lovely experiences c: if you saw me at the con let me know, I'd love to keep in touch.

I am now planning to edit any problems that I had with the costume before the next con and finally build the dual sided katana( and practice to get some nice skills) so that I can take it to cons.

13th October 2013: Wig & more Had my wig cut yesterday and I must say that is looks fantastic!! The costume is defiantly all coming together now and I am really gettin excited for expo!!
I also went to the sewing shop and brought lots of bits and bobs that I've really been in need of. The cape is now nearly finished (I just need to figure out how to attatch it to the jumpsuit without it pulling). The belt & holsters are also nearly done. The only thing that is going to need a lot of work are the knives which still need painting XP

All in all I am hoping to get the costume finished in the next week so I will have some time to organise stuff and relax for a week c:

11th October 2013: Quick update. All is going well so far an I think I am currently running on time for expo. When drafting patterns i made several mock ups first before using the proper fabric on them. Working with vinly was hard but once I learnt the tricks it got a lot easier! I didn't draft the collar until I had sewn the whole thing together but I still had to take the original off and add a new one.
The padding/armour is a bit annoying to do as props arnt my specialty and so I have been flying blind a bit. However after a few trials I feel that everything is coming together nicely.
I am still unsure whether to includethe two sided katana as I am unsure what time of sheathe to make for it and how it would work with the cape. I am also quite unsure about how annoying it would be carrying around all day and on the tube :/

Today the fabric came for the cape. I made a really big mistake with it and had to reconstruct it from the remnants. I am now really unsure about the fabric that i have chosen (its vinly :/ ) any thoughts?

Tomorrow I am getting my wig cut and the. Hopefully new week I will be able to by boots c: sorry this has been quite boring to read I will try harder to be nice and fancy next time.

Starbucks dad avatar

Starbucks dad - 6th September 2013
Hi and thanks for the comment. You asked how we attached the sword stick - nothing too clever I'm afraid and we only got away with it as we used quite light material.

The sword stick was made up of a piece of round wooden trim from B&Q that we cut into two equal halves. Once we'd added some balsa wood blades to ech end, we then inserted a screw into one of the non-bladed ends (firmly glued in) and screwed the two pieces together. This was a solid enough join for the weight to keep it together but allowed for the sticks to come apart for posing.

The clever(ish) bit was attaching the cord in such a way that it could be carried but could also be split. Firstly we tied a suitable length of paracord to each end of the stick and superglued into place to stop any slipping. We then cut the cord at the halfway point and attached a piece of velcro to each end. Again, because of the lightness of the sword stick we could get away with this.

Hope this helps. Drop us a PM if you want more details.

SaffronJay avatar

SaffronJay - 6th September 2013
Thank you very very much for the information!! Ill give it a try but I'm knot really a props person so who knows how it will turn out haha. Thank you again and I hope to see you at expo!!

Clockwork Fairy avatar

Clockwork Fairy - 27th September 2013
So excited to see this! :D

chyphens avatar

chyphens - 29th September 2013
This is amazing so far :--0 your skill level is something I am in awe of! So the seller finally got the fabric to you OK??

SaffronJay avatar

SaffronJay - 29th September 2013
Thank you both! Yes that where actually quite nice in the end about it c:

Carmina avatar

Carmina - 2nd October 2013
Some really good progress so far!

Violet Kestral avatar

Violet Kestral - 2nd October 2013
Loving the progress on this so far =]

SaffronJay avatar

SaffronJay - 4th October 2013
Thank you everyone!!

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 4th October 2013
Progress looks great so far! Hit Girl is suuch a great character! (I'd love to cosplay her myself if only I could manage that outfit ahaha)

Starbucks dad avatar

Starbucks dad - 13th October 2013
For "flying blind" on the props you're doing really well. Keep going!

SaffronJay avatar

SaffronJay - 13th October 2013
She is going to fun to be c: yeah, I didn't realise how big of a job this would be XD
Thanks! I'm still quite unsure about what I'm doing but that makes me feel better about it c:

HorrorFanatic85 avatar

HorrorFanatic85 - 25th April 2014
Very cool so far, the detail on the small things I love how you are building the hitgirl costume, interesting how you will do the wig. Hitgirl always a badass character

SaffronJay avatar

SaffronJay - 25th April 2014
Thank youM I've almost finished and just need to get some suitable pictures. The wig was actually quite easy: a simple straight sharp cut

HarryKurt avatar

HarryKurt - 3rd May 2014
You did a beautiful job with the details on this! It all looks so clean and professional! It's great to see a Hit Girl cosplay too, she's a favourite of mine. :D

MadlyScientific avatar

MadlyScientific - 4th June 2014
I love this cosplay so far! The fabric looks perfect, can't wait to see it finished!

Origin avatar

Origin - 8th June 2014
Those blades for the staff/sword are looking pretty good so far! Even more so, I'd imagine when they're all painted up.