Daenerys Targaryen (Horse Heart Eater) - Game of Thrones TV Season One




I LOVE Game of Thrones & especially love Daenerys!

She's just awesome and being Welsh and her being the Mother of Dragons it was only a matter of time til I cosplayed as her!

All her costumes are epic but my ultimate Daenerys costume dream is the horse heart eater version from series 1 episode 6.

The costume itself isn't too complex but having no sewing ability whatsoever and only the full use of my one hand have been desperately seeking a commissioner.

I have just learned the con I intended to originally attend as my beloved Harley Quinn as the end of Aug 2013 will actually have the Iron Throne there and that was the final boost of motivation I needed to seriously do all I can to make this work in time!

Anyone who knows even the slightest bit about me knows I am not squeamish and love blood and gore which was the main attraction for doing this particular Daenerys costume to be honest!

Trouble is that adds EVEN MORE pressure as I want the heart to be as realistic and bloody as possible which means I need to find a darn good prop maker and FAST!

Wish me luck!!!!


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