Samurai Warriors 3

Cosplayer: PockyKai

Variant: Samurai Warriors 3

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

17th August 2013: and so it begins Sooooo I havent cosplayed in a while, and now that i have actually finished college and have a job to get the money i need to actually go to expo~ (that and my friend convinced me as for once im going to go with someone else who likes to cosplay xD) i shall be going in october yay!

So this year im going as Okuni from Samurai warriors, i really love the Warriors series, Dynasty and Samurai, but this time im going with Samurai hehe.

Okuni whilst shes not my favorite character (motochika is :D but the mans half nekkid in his new costume so i thought better of it haha)is still a great character in her own right hehe and i love her outfit. Next year maybe ill do Kai but for now, Okuni is on the go.

Ive ordered some Geta for the cosplay and i ordered a wig (which as for since turned up xD) i also have an old parasol lying around the house from where i used to collect japanese/oriental items :)to which im still debating on weather to paint on top of, (i really dont want to, but.... i do at the same time)

But yeah this isnt going to be an easy cosplay, but its going to be fun :D