Samus Aran (Varia Suit) - Metroid Prime / Super Smash Brothers Brawl

In Progress




For sometime 2010! I will not be posting any progress photos or details until it's all done as I want to surprise people ^^ (I'm usually known for my fabric costumes, so I'd like to surprise people with a full, awkwardly shaped, armour thingum!)

You didn't think I'd settle with just the zero suit did you? ^___^

Basically, this is because I love Samus. Period. I'm more than willing to deal with the spherical shapes (they are awkward when it comes to mechanoid costumes), and LED lighting and heat and sweat and transportation that is going to go with this costume!

(Sorry I haven't added it to cosplayisland before now- I wanted to make sure that it was definitely going ahead first!)


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