Hijirikawa Masato (Debut Outfit) - Uta no Prince-Sama: Debut

Worn AtLondon MCM Expo Comic Con May 2014




KiraraYumi posted on 17 June, 2014 - 21:43
Wah this is amazing! This is such a cool outfit and you look great as Masa =D

mskitty posted on 18 June, 2014 - 23:14
Awww thanks! Glad you like the outfit, and you're too kind!

cowiee posted on 13 July, 2014 - 01:09
Omg, this is beautiful! You suit him so much, holy mother of cosplays! o: Nice work!

mskitty posted on 1 August, 2014 - 00:36
TT_TT You're so nice thank you so much!