Illyasviel von Einzbern
Fate/Stay Night (anime)

Cosplayer: Aderyn

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

13th August 2013: Shirt 90% complete! Today at about 10:30 the post came, along with one very fat envelope. My patterns had arrived! My shopping trip yesterday hadn't been as fruitful as I'd hoped; in the end I came back with some purple polycotton for Iliya and some white cotton and chiffon for Iri but nothing else...
So today I made a start on Iliya's shirt. It's now 8.00 pm and I think I can say it's pretty much done! All that's left is the cross decoration to the cuffs, the hidden button fastenings (or poppers, still haven't decided!) and the gold/ yellow edging. I'm cheating and using iron on appliqués for the crosses and they've just been ordered!

11th August 2013: Iliya outfit mockup Ordered in the patterns I'll need to create Iliya's skirt and shirt... required quite a bit of searching to find a shirt pattern that buttoned all the way up, but with a bit of modification (removing the pocket, changing the hem/ cuffs slightly)it will work. I'm thinking gold buttons for the shoulders, gold tone cross charms for the cuffs (too lazy to hand sew them ;) ).