Irisviel von Einzbern

Cosplayer: Aderyn

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

6th September 2013: Wigs all here O_O But I'm moving house so everything else is on hold atm...

21st August 2013: All done? Pretty sure the bulk of this cosplay is done now! All that's left is to check the straps sit well when it's worn, and give it a once-over for stray threads or marks... Next up is the makeup test. Fingers crossed my wigs arrive in time before I move!

20th August 2013: Iri's White Dress Part 3 Almost there... Just have to finish the sleeves, hem the skirts, double check that the dress still fits and make sure the zip lays flat (seriously having problems keeping the zip looking neat atm). Also run out of thread for the gold braid so might have to substitute it for something darker... here's hoping it doesn't show too much!

16th August 2013: Iri's White Dress Part 2 Today I sewed the gold braid to the skirt portions, made up the bodice and started work on the sleeves... unfortunately I had only intermittent access to the iron so couldn't finish the hem. As I've had to modify the pattern to fit me I hit a snag with the bodice! It was about 2cm too tight around the bust, so I've had to angle the zip to give that little extra bit of space. Now the back forms a slight point between my shoulderblades. Looking at the reference pictures I am working from, the effect that this change gave is more true to the outfit that I had thought!

14th August 2013: Iri's White Dress Part 1 I realised about half way through making the dress today that the pattern was in US sizes... so I really should have a size 6 pattern not 10!! Thankfully I can remove a couple of the skirt panels and sew the bodice tighter with relative ease but I'm glad I didn't sew more than the skirt portion! The cotton must be stretch cotton (which in hindsight is probably why it was a tad expensive) but I think it will do just right for the effect I want, and it's lovely to work with. Next up is to draft the sleeves and work on the bodice so I need to order in some gold braid for the decoration I think!