Citrusella Flugpucker - Wreck-It Ralph


AyaCon 2013




Nice easy costume to throw together for one to go alongside one of the WIR groups happening at Ayacon.

Debated between doing Jubileena and Citrusella before realising that I have several things already that can be used for Citusella (including wig and boots) making the decision an easy one. Plus, I like purple. <_<;

Finished - Will upload photos in the next few days.

I have a few photos of the coin somewhere that I can upload when I dig them up.


ToroSonyCat posted on 22 October, 2013 - 18:57
Looks great! I especially love the leg warmers and your group looks wonderful

MamboLikeLambo posted on 25 February, 2014 - 22:54
Your cosplay is totally perfect, I love it!!

Satellite posted on 1 November, 2014 - 23:14
This is amazing! Good job ^-^~

Progress Journal

7th August 2013

Leg Warmers

After copious amounts of acrylic-ing squares onto cream cotton onto elasticated felt... these finally happened.

7th August 2013

Wig (first stage)

Cut the wig down to the correct height, once I have the hat made, I plan to work out exactly where the pony tails need to sit, cut/stump/hot glue the temporary bits and attach larger ponytails that I'm in the progress of making (using a spare weft, paper balls and navy paint). The beads will then be counted out, made and strung together using some turquoise fimo moulding clay before (probably) being glued onto the wig to hide the seams. So yes, this is only stage one of the wig.