Cloud Strife (Advent Childen) - FFVII


London MCM Expo October 2006

February Midlands Expo Telford 2007 - Masquerade 2nd place (Clan Skit)




Cloud is my first and only cosplay. If any of you know me, im involved with the FFExpoClan (youtube us!~8D) who go around the UK as the "ultimate Final Fantasy Cosplay Group"

it is the costume i have been going to expos as for pretty much a year now and im still loving it. but you could see the total difference in what it was, to what it is now. there has been alot of changes, some kept, others not.
and without it, i wouldnt be anywhere in life

LOVE YOU CLOUD! .. wait.. can i love myself without sounding cocky?? >.>


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