Rinoa Heartilly (Trademark outfit) - Final Fantasy VIII


Doki Doki 2013




I chose Rinoa because I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy VIII and I have always wanted to do a cosplay. I plan on dressing like her for the Doki Doki Manchester Festival on the 9th November 2013.


Makeup- Mascara, porcealin face powder, dark brown eyeliner pencil for my eyebrows,black felt tip pen eyeliner, pale pink lipstick, and I have booked myself in for some Party Lash extensions the day before the event. Makeup cost £22, lashes will cost a further £10.50

Wig- purchased 8 years ago for £25, I had intended to do a cosplay for Comic Con in 2006 but life got in the way so it has never been worn. Not adding the highlights I am not that skilled at sewing yet lol.

Griever ring- this was a birthday gift from my friend who told me about the Doki Doki Festival back in May.

Boots- these have a thinner and higher heel than Rinoa's trademark boots but they will be perfect. £20 (plus £4.50 for a reheel before the event)

Skirt- a steal at £2.30 off eBay BNWOT!

Leggings/shorts- I have a pair of short leggings that will do for the event, just need to get 2 zippers for them but I have bought a pair of biker shorts just incase I fluff up! Zippers: £2.40 and new shorts £1.49 off eBay

Duster and gauntlets £80- I am getting this item commissioned, if that is cheating then so be it! I have very good reasons for doing it this way so please do not judge me.

Silver ring: £1.68 off eBay

Chain necklace: £1.08 off eBay- this was the closest to Rinoa's chain that I could find, the "official" ring necklace set is a ball link design which is nothing like the game cinematics show us!

Padded v-neck cami top- £3.50 off eBay

Chunky silver zippers- £1.20 each on eBay (£2.40)

Black ribbon -99p off eBay

"Snood" style wig cap- 99p off eBay

Gunblade keychain- £1.99 off eBay- yeah I know Rinoa doesn't have a gunblade but think of it as a part of her Knight that she has to keep her powers in check XD

eBay is a godsend! I managed to find practically everything I needed and didn't spend every penny I had getting my costume together.

*To be updated as and when*


ArcaneArchery posted on 20 September, 2013 - 19:52
Good idea using elastic for the ribbon. I wish I had thought of that for my Cid costume – it was a real pain trying to tie the ribbon up one handed.

Rinny_Leonheart posted on 20 September, 2013 - 20:44
Thanks so much for the compliment! It was a spur of the moment idea when I was at my local market; they had 1m of black elastic for 36p and I thought "Why not?" Much appreciated, thank you :)

Mungojerrie posted on 11 November, 2013 - 15:19
Loved your Rinoa! It was so nice meeting you this weekend :)

kitty_sama posted on 12 November, 2013 - 19:58
I saw your Rinoa at Doki Doki, and I loved it! You suit her so well :)

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

12th October 2013

4 weeks to go and the last part has arrived!

After waiting weeks and weeks for my camisole top to arrive I finally had it delivered this morning by the postman. I got very cross with the seller I'd bought it from and was given the refund on Wednesday afternoon. I was fortunate enough to have gotten it today, as I was very close to ordering a new one and paying over the odds to get a simple wardrobe staple.

Yes I could have just done that in the begining but it worked out a lot cheaper to order it, it would have cost me £4 for a bus ticket to Chester/Liverpool to go off in search for one and I may not have been succesful, and I'd have bought a load of unnecessary things in the process. Trying to save up the pennies for the trip in 4 weeks' time! Wow, that's come around very fast, my Early Bird ticket turned up on Thursday morning and I am utterly ecstatic about it!

The vest is just perfect and very comfortable to wear, which is what I was hoping for. Rinoa's costume may look easy to put together but it's actually not if you're trying to get it as accurate as possible!

So the next time you look on here after 9th November there will be more pictures of me in the costume, kitted out at Doki Doki! Thanks for looking on here, hope I've done you all proud! XD

15th September 2013


I am really excited for Doki Doki now! I received an email from Tab (Khaos Kreator) yesterday with 5 attachments of my costume. The result of his hard work is amazing, I love it so much! All I need is to have it arrive and then I can put up a full shot image of my entire costume.

I decided to do a different take on Rinoa's black ribbon, seeing as I will be up at stupid o'clock on the day of the festival and will not be able to tie it onto my arm one handed and keep it there all day, I bought some black elastic and made an armband with a ribbon sewn onto it instead. It stays in place and won't cut into my arm when I move so that's a plus :)

I was going to get a pair of coloured contacts to get the full effect but unfortunately the ones my opticians stocked did not agree with my eyes at all. But it doesn't matter, I will still look the part without them! :)

The only other thing I am waiting for is the camisole vest to turn up in the post alongside my commissioned piece. The excitement building is threatening to consume me because Doki Doki is only 54 days away, I remember when I first bought my ticket and I had 6 months to wait for it to arrive. Just 7 weeks and 6 days left for my first cosplay debut! XD

22nd August 2013

Shorts and Skirt

Well I bought a skirt but it is nowhere near the same as Rinoa's actual one; your standard stonewash denim, 12.25 inches long, one button on the waist with a zipper and pockets. I am not going to fiddle around trying to make my own one, I have spent more than enough money on the costume as it is, perhaps I will try my hand at it next time but for now this one is perfect in size and length.

The shorts were a pair of leggings which started off mid calf in length, I cut off 9 inches from each leg and sewed the ends as neatly as I could but unless you are sitting at my feet you won't see the uneven sticking attempt!

I have safety pinned a zipper to one leg so I know where it is going to be. Unfortunately I only received one zipper in the post by accident so I could only see how I'd do one leg for now and I have used all my safety pins doing this. I may try stapling it to the pants to hold it still prior to the stitching.

I have noted that a lot of Rinoa cosplayers online have the same issue with the shorts: cutting the fabric of the pants and sewing it into the pants causes bunches and ruins the project. It has made me wary about trying this; but having a backup pair of pants is swaying me to try it out. At least if I fail I can try it again on another item.

I tried on my skirt with the shorts earlier and the bottom of the zipper is covered nicely by the hem of the skirt so I know I have the right length for both items. I am very happy with it so far. I will update when I attempt the sewing of the zippers haha!

20th August 2013

Costume is underway!

Well after waiting 2 nail biting days for a reply, I have literally just paid the fabulous Tab Kimpton from Khaos Kostumes the money for my Rinoa Duster and Gauntlets. I am expecting it's arrival in early October- whoop whoop! £80 but it will be so worth it, his commission works are fantastic and I knwo he will do a grand job!

Today I have ordered: plain silver ring, 24" chain necklace, biker shorts, black ribbon, the zippers for my shorts, a "snood" wig cap, my padded cami vest and my black felt tip eyeliner- sounds like I spent a lot doesn't it?

Well in addition to those items I also got a fab pair of 3D butterfly earrings, a nice new backpack for Doki Doki and some special light blinkers for my dog's collar. Grand total of all the items? £25.59! Yes you read that right, I have spent 2 months working hard at keeping my costs down and I am getting some excellent items at a bargain price.

I have even ordered my train tickets for the festival today too, my word this is the most money I have spent in 12 hours since Christmas last year haha! Well I'll be as excited as a child at Christmas over the next 4 weeks, waiting for all, as Benji says, my "gubbins" to arrive XD

Tomorrow I am going to the town centre and getting my boots reheeled and buying a sewing kit for when my shorts and zippers turn up. Phew! I am really excited about this now, please keep watching for pictures and updates!

17th August 2013

Things are about to start!

Well I received a nice little cheque in the post (which I have been waiting for for about 2 months) which has increased my funds towards this costume! Initially I was spending teeny bits here and there, worrying about the big part which is the duster of my Rinoa costume but now the fear is gone and I can afford to order it on Tuesday alonside all my other little bits when the cheque clears in the bank, YAY!

I did find a Rinoa costume for sale on Aliexpress for £39- the full thing, duster, skirt, shorts etc but the picture didn't sway me at all, the quality didn't look all that great to be fair and I am planning on going to more than one convention/festival in it so I may as well make sure I get a damn good costume! 'The first one you go to is always the most expensive if you are cosplaying', as my friend "Benji" tells me lol!

I am however, debating VERY heavilly whether or not to get the ballgown too, from Aliexpress which is a freaking steal at £28 with free postage! Buuuut, if I do that then I have to buy matching shoes and a bracelet and.... yeah I think I will leave it til next time, hehe!