Iris - Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations




Iris from Phoenix Wright Costume is 3 main pieces, a light pink kimono type thing, then a purple tunic on top, all heald together with a red obi and matching bow. I's coming along nicely. Now I just have to make sure I can do it justice (for all).
Gah Phoenix Wright inspires the most terrible puns in me

Also a mention to Roze-chan who will be accompanying me as Dahlia. Love you Dollie!


MoonLily posted on 29 March, 2009 - 15:37
Can't wait to see this at aya! More people need to cosplay Iris - she's lovely! ^_^

AmethystEyes posted on 8 April, 2009 - 20:30
Awww the loveable Iris! :D

notinuse posted on 9 April, 2009 - 12:44
looking good!

nert posted on 28 August, 2009 - 07:14
Aah you two were awesome, so sad I didn't get any pictures outside of the masquerade T_T

MadameLapin posted on 21 August, 2011 - 18:10
IRIS 8D I loved her. You look awesome, so sweet and adorable 0w0