Mami Tomoe (Magical girl) - Puella Magi Madoka Magica




I bought the Mami Tomoe costume from eBay for a fairly reasonable price.. originally I wanted to cosplay as Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica (my favourite character from the series), but decided to buy the Mami costume as I also admire her character and was really anticipating doing a Madoka Magica cosplay! (Homura may happen in the future, someday..)

Mancstercon was a smaller scale community event, so decided to debut this costume there. I couldn't get the wig in time for the convention (again slightly rushed for time), so tied my hair up in pigtails (purple-haired Mami!).. I wore purple Doc Marten boots, knee-length brown socks (identical to Mami's) and took a Kyubey plushie with me.

This one went down quite well! ^_^ Lots of people at the con recognised the character and they liked the outfit, and although people in the street looked at me quite a bit when we were walking from the train station to the venue, I didn't let it bother me (which is a personal first!). I took part in the 'Cosplayer Sketch-Off!' and posed with others, and it was a really good event.

I've learned that I need to plan things more in advance: both conventions and my cosplay, so that I'll have more time to get the things I need and make it to be the best it can be ^_^ it's also inspired me to start making costumes from scratch!