Hello Kitty - Hello Kitty




This was a last-minute costume: I decided to play it safe because it was for my first convention (nerves!), and I was lacking money, time and experience before the event. I decided to put together a quick Hello Kitty (in dungarees) costume 2 weeks before the con!

I bought clip-in kitty ears from Claire's first, and then denim dungarees (I had stuck white buttons onto the clasps for authenticity but unfortunately one fell off during the day!) and put a small bear (similar to HK's teddy) in the front pocket (which unfortunately I also lost). I got a red and white striped tee from eBay as I was running out of time, and got a hair bow at the last minute~ it was pretty small so it wasn't accurate for the costume.. :c I took along a plush Hello Kitty wearing the same outfit as an accessory. Kitty whiskers were done in eyeliner on the day, and the lovely face painters at the expo (who were face painting for free!) painted on a yellow nose for me ^^

I don't think it was too effective.. I felt a bit underdressed actually, wish I'd had more time to come up with a more impressive cosplay! I've learnt to be more confident, as the cosplay community are welcoming and I'm starting to take a more active part in it.. I was kinda nervous to approach cosplayers as well (for photos and tips) so I've resolved not to be such as held back at other cons!

I don't think I'll be doing this one again.. hehe..