Haruna Kojima - AKB0048



I looooove Nyan Nyan, she was actually my original choice to cosplay as but she's so popular! Wore this for Japan Expo as I didn't really have a group so I figured I may as well be my favourite of the lot :D

I bought the main costume from Taobao.
Modified the skirt by adding a short red circle skirt made from suiting tacked into the costume. At some point I'll make it easily removable but I was running out of time so just lightly sewed it on.

Made a hair bow out of polycotton that was held in place with hair grips.

Bought some new boots from eBay which I am considerably much more happier with, so much more comfortable as well because they're a lot softer to walk in!

Wig is from Lucaille.

One day I will make her heart sceptre~ <3

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New boots

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