Quina - Final Fantasy IX

In Progress

AyaCon 2013




I oretty much got pigeonholed into making this costume since my friends are doing a FF9 group and they took all the cool characters!

It's been fairly straightforward apart from the head piece, trying to figure out how to see out of it has been a nightmare since I've chosen to have the face low down. I can just about make out outlines through the front of the hat but I've also taken an old car camera with a screen and wedged it in behind the mouth so I can just about see where I'm going. It's not ideal but at least I should get some good "Quina cam" footage!

It's also HOT. Very hot in the fat suit!


ArcaneArchery posted on 3 August, 2013 - 18:02
Great costume, I look forward to seeing the group photos.