Meroko Yui
Full Moon O Sagashite

Cosplayer: CrystalNeko

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2014

4th March 2014: Flower I've made a few flowers in the past. Now I actually have pictures on how I do it!

I cut out circles of varying sizes and then cut slits into the circles depending on how many petals I want. TBH I make this a random number each time for roses.

I then melt the edges! I use my hands because if your hands are getting burnt, you are too close to the candle because if your hands can't take the heat, your fabric sure can't! You just want to slightly melt the edges away and then the fabric should curl up.

Then proceed to hot glue each piece together. For the most outer layer you may want to hot glue the petal corners together and then fold it half way out. This gives it a more 3D look.

Time Taken since my last journal is probably around 3hrs
I've also sewn together the ribbon pieces for the hat. Now I just have to assemble everything together by hand sewing and I think that's me done!

1st March 2014: Ears I haven't been keeping progress, oops!

Made from cotton, fleece and felt. The cotton is there as lining so that I can create a channel for the millinery wire to feed through. This helps the ears pose however I want!

25th February 2014: Hat 85% Nearly there! I needed more ruffles so I cut and hemmed more cotton together and then pleated it onto ribbon. I did consider pleating it onto some interfacing first but TBH I'm getting lazier and lazier now hahaha. Most of it will be hidden by the ears and flowers.

I also hand sewed the top together to make it flatter.

My fingers are still apparently tough from yesterday's buckram session because it was less painful hurrrrr. That's not a good thing XD;;;

The fun part of the hat is finally coming next. Flower making and ribbons!!! Bunny ears not so fun, I dislike fleece but hey, at least it's not much XD

Time Taken: 2hrs

25th February 2014: Hat 70% I just sewed on the top with the machine. The rest I have to hand sew in place and I am nooooot looking forward to it. Gonna wait til 7 before I start cause that's when the student debates start tonight, then I have something to watch whilst working on this... XD

I need to stop being really stupid with this hat and wearing it everywhere. It's going to get destroyed before I even wear it XDDD

Time Taken: 1hr

24th February 2014: Hat 60% My fingers hurt :'(

All completely hand sewn together, and it's all buckram and I had no thimble so sobbbbbb my fingeeeeers!!!

Nice thing to do whilst watching my student election debates though. I'm glad I got to the hand sewing stage in this cosplay!

Time Taken: 2hrs

23rd February 2014: Hat 50% I was going to do more tonight like sew the blacks together but I got distracted by Eurostar bookings whilst trying to find my pins. So this is the only progress I've done!

Cut out all the buckram shapes and sewed in the millinery wire. I'll need to hand sew it together, something I'll do mid-week after work because I can do that in the living room whilst watching TV. I never fancy facing my machine after a long day's work!

Time Taken: 3hrs

23rd February 2014: Cuffs 95% On the anime version this was so quick to do! On the manga version, as far as I'm aware there isn't a striped fabric like this so I had to sew on each stripe individually with ribbon. THIS TOOK SO LONG!

I melted the edges once they were done and then sewed on some bias binding and finally pleated in the ruffles.

Time Taken: 3hrs

18th February 2014: Skirt 100% Final picture!

Time Taken: 3hrs

18th February 2014: Skirt 90% I pleated the white ruffles because they appear box pleated rather than gathered, made my life easier as I could have messy pleats! I sewed the ruffles on only the top bit just as a placeholder because the belt would be sewn over the top anyway.

The belt is made from the crepe side of crepe back satin covering some buckram for stiffness. I sewed this directly onto the white ruffles (there is a zip at the back so the belt is fake). The details are hand stitched on and the eyelets were done with the worse eyelet puncher in the world. It's a cheap little thing and I don't really ever use eyelets, I'm thankful there was only two in the reference!

16th February 2014: Costume Test I did some sewing before leaving for a concert today but didn't have time to sew the waistband of the skirt today. I just got back from the concert to find the skirt on my bed and well, I could just put it on the floor aside but then I run the risk of the pins coming out and that would have been heartbreaking, so I just manned up and did the sewing so that I can SLEEP.

I took off all my makeup and put my hair into lazy bun mode already but I still felt the need to try it on in case the skirt didn't fit. And then I decided to yolo a costume test by trying the top on as well. The socks you see there aren't the ones I'll be using, I've ordered some stockings which still haven't arrived yet!

I'm sorry, I've eaten a lot today so feeling slightly bloated OTL. I will look normal at Minami ;>

EDIT: Oh my gosh please excuse my laundry in the background as well XDDDD;;; Student life yo. I have constant laundry in my room FML.

Time Taken: 1hr

9th February 2014: Top 50% It's kinda wonky because I need to sew in the zip, which isn't here yet as I've only ordered it today. But progress!! It's made exactly the same way as my old Meroko cosplay, a boob tube with darts XD

Time Taken: 3hrs

9th February 2014: Skirt 70% Just need to buy a zipper and make the belt!

I put horsehair braid into it because Meroko's skirt is pretty flouncy, not stiff. But when the skirt wasn't ironed down (left) it looked pretty dead so I sewed in some horsehair braid and you can see the difference (right)!

It's two circle skirts sewn together and box pleated to get this sort of volume! My old Meroko cosplay was a rectangle three times the width of my hips and really wide unironed pleats which worked as well, but I wanted to try making it completely differently this time!

Time Taken: 1hr

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 3rd August 2013
Haha you finally get to do Arina next year XDD looking forward to it!

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Angel Tear - 3rd August 2013
So excited for this!!! :D

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TheStarlightFairy - 25th February 2014
This looks amazing so far ;__; you're going to be perfect as Meroko <3

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Anonymous - 30th May 2014
I love this sooo much ;___;

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Ranma1-2 - 31st May 2014
Wow, so sweet this cosplay. :) Thanks for your journal info too - they are mini tutorials, easy to follow and full of usefull info.

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Kei Lin Sama - 4th June 2014
Such a sweet and delightful cosplay! Your Meroko-Change gif is the best!

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MadameLapin - 5th June 2014
You cutie pie! I love this cosplay so much :3

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Siouxsie James - 5th June 2014
Great costume I love it! ^_^