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AyaCon 2013


Hi Life in the low lands.

Post-apoc dress based on the scenario of burnt earth/wasteland survivors city.

character is a Female authority figure in a waste City known as "Station 7"

Sephirayne posted on 2 August, 2013 - 11:28
Intriguing. Love the distressing. Looking forward to seeing this complete.

14th July 2013

The Crinoline has started

I did cheat a bit with this and used a crinoline I already had instead of making one from scratch, mainly because i have a concerning amount of underskirts already and am running out of places to keep them! :) I started by using a blunt unpicker and stabbing downwards to get a shredded effect around the edges of the open front, I had to make sure that the amount I cut from the front was not too much making me lose shape of the crinoline, in the end i wanted the opening to be a bit wider than pictured so i added a strip of cotton bias to keep the hoops in place closer to the time i will duct tape pennies to the front of the hoops to counterbalance the weight of the dress at the back and stop the hoops from popping out of the front

11th July 2013

paintingwith help from a small kitty

about 2 - 20 ish thin layers of Citadel miniatures Golden Griffon dry. concentrating on areas that a corset would get the most wear and picking up the claw marks and picks

10th July 2013

distressing begins

so I began part unpicking seams and roughing raised seam lines with sandpaper, I used super sharp scissors to create claw marks and picks to be picked up by the next stage

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