Thor Odinson - Avengers Assemble

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AyaCon 2013




Because of course, it's not enough of a challenge to make one stupidly detailed and expensive costume. I have to make two!

This is for Jack to go with my Loki. Also started back last year so it's nearing completion for Aya now!

Thor's actually proved more rage inducing than Loki at times just for the sharp blocky angles in his costume!


Sephirayne posted on 31 July, 2013 - 04:13
Awesome. Really looking forward to seeing this.

Eatmethoubean posted on 3 August, 2013 - 11:22
amazing, such awesome details :)

Shinigami_ky posted on 8 August, 2013 - 07:49
You continue to astound me with your awesomeness. Can't wait to see both of these!!

Progress Journal

8th August 2013

Boots are go!

Boots are finally in progress! Got the back main piece on tonight on both boots.
Tomorrow I'll hopefully be able to finish them off completely!

8th August 2013


Finally got the boots glued together! Impact adhesive is a god save! The back of the armour is now fully assembled and ready to be painted also.

Tomorrow will be mainly working on the boots and patterning the front armour. Then paint all the things on the weekend!

6th August 2013


Thor is so frustrating! Actually been more problematic that Loki has been!
Had issues with the boots today in that my neoprene glue doesn't work on neoprene. D=
Will be back to trusty old impact adhesive tomorrow!

Got the wrist wraps and top finished off today as well as the back armour fitted and cut out.
Will be glueing that together tomorrow and starting on the front armour!

31st July 2013

Cape complete!

All done on the cape now! The frame is in place and attaches nicely to the base shirt! The cape is almost 6ft long! It's absolutely insane! If it gets wet it's going to at least triple in weight though because it's 100% wool!
Next up is the back armour!

30th July 2013

Two in one night!

Just a quick update for the cape. Almost time to put it together. The magnets are currently drying in the frame!
Thought I'd add a photo of how it's actually going to work. The black shirt is the base shirt for Thor. The two squares of worbla each hold a magnet. Each magnet has 6kg pulling power which is hopefully enough for the cape!
The cape will slot in through the flared part of the chest armour and be held in place by the shirt. Easily removed for changing and if stepped on won't rip or damage the costume!

30th July 2013


So I started Thor a bit after doing Loki so he's not as complete as Loki is.
So far I've got the trousers and base shirt that holds the cape fully finished. Still to do it:
Boots - actually leaving these til last as the actual base boots are very close.
Vambraces - Need painting and the wraps need poppers added.
Belt - Needs painting and magnets added.
Chest armour - The base shirt for this is also done, the armour needs patterning and making however.
Cape - Needs attaching to the frame that will hold it and magnets added.

If you can't guess by now, magnets are awesome!