Vanellope von Schweetz (Main Outfit) - Wreck it Ralph


Play Expo 2013




Made almost all from scratch.
Found a perfect Hoodie from Primark, bought another and hacked that to improve my hoodie and make use of the arms for my tights.
I used white leggings for my base of my tights then just cut the arms into the desired stripes and wore them over the top. I used a Dylon Purple marker for the purple lines on her left leg.
Made the skirt all myself from a Pleated Skirt pattern but added another layer to create the double cupcake wrapper effect she is wearing.
For her boots I got some Wellington Boots (I would have gotten some ankle high versions but I couldn't find any that were just plain black), which I cut to the height I wanted and spray painted the soles a cerise pink.
For her wig I managed to find an actual Vanellope styled wig so that made things easier. Then I made all her sweets out of Fimo Clay and attached them with a mixture of glue gun and double sided tape (38 clips in total). Then for her Twizzler I bought 2 Magic Bun Hair Tools, sprayed/painted them the correct colour and just twisted them.

I plan to maker the medal she makes for Ralph as an actual shoulder bag for myself at a later date.


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