Neliel Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (Adult form) - Bleach




I chose to cosplay as Nel in the London MCM October 2012 as I am a major fan of Nel and loved her to pieces in both her adult form and also her child form as well and wanted to express how much I like her by me cosplaying as her.
I would say some there were one or two hard parts of doing/making the cosplay and for starters what was hard was the fact that she was pretty much half naked and well I'm not skinny and worried about whether I was get server negaivity from going around as Nel due to my size, so I decided to make slight adjustments to help make myself feel comfortable with cosplaying as Nel which was mainly to have a bit more of a longer ragged/worned skirt that she wears to cover up my legs a bit more. When I went to the Expo as Nel I thoroughly enjoyed myself cosplaying her and it helped my conifdence a bit more when cosplaying characters in slightly revealing clothes and I have to also thank my friends for the support I got form them when I was making and wearing this.
The second hardest thing would be the skull as at the time I didn't have much experience in making things like skulls and such so I asked for advice from my friends and they suggested I get a plan plastic mask and paper mache it to make it stronger and help mold the shape of it better. I with how I was to keep this attatched to my wig without it falling off everytime I would tip my head if I were to be looking at stuff in the Expo and decided to use hair clips attatched to elastic bands at the side of the Skull to keep it on which worked great aside from trying to put the clips on my wig.
When it came round to the Expo with it completed I felt pleased with how well the cosplay had turned out, but also realise that I may want to do a few tweaks the next time I cosplay Nel again. I was so happy to go around as Nel who is my favourite character from the Bleach series :D


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