Ivan (Commison) - Lucky Dog





I decided since this is a Commission I should add more information about the costume than I normally do on my own.
This was for my first time cosplaying friend so I felt the need to try and get it as good as possible (She also helped out on this costume so not everything was done by me)
This costume was fairly simple but caused me a lot of stress - mainly due to the fabric hunting and lining up stripes to match was a pain.

These we're made in two separate parts - Trousers and then the chest part (which was folded over the trousers anyway). Considering I don't use patterns and had never made anything to anybodys size guides before this was a challenge (Which i made a lot simpler for myself by adding a strip of elastic at the back of the trousers which was covered by the shirt) The entire thing was lined with white poly cotton.

We cheated due to it being the day before the event when I visited her - Buying a non-ribbed male wife-beater from primark. The Designs on the front we're drawn by my friend (With much debate over if the word said F*ck, French or Fiore ). Which were then printed on iron on transfers (Remember always mirror the image!) and then onto the shirt.
For the black we decided paint would look better than fabric, so she had her job of painting around the edges.

Were a basic red pair from primark which she then painted the white stripe.


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