Tachibana Makoto
Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club

Cosplayer: yuubalu

Variant: 'Club' Ending Outfit

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Alcon 2014

29th September 2013: Oops Okay, so, dyeing Makoto's jacket didn't turn out too well. For some reason, the dye just really doesn't want to take, and everything's now different shades and makes me very sad :'( BUT! My Haru is a wonderful person and, in exchange for mackerel and sushi, has agreed to buy me a second jacket that I can use to finish everything off.

Hopefully within a week or two, I can report that Mako-chan will finally be done!

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BladeyCakes - 25th July 2013
A-ah, senpai, try and teach me the backstroke again, please! I'm sure I won't sink this time. It was the speedo. I'm definitely sure it was the speedo! /cough

No but yes you gon' be perfect brosis <3 Kawaii little mofo, I'mma be shippin you and Rosie so hard xD

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yuubalu - 26th July 2013
I'm sure you'll do better this time, Rei-chan! Definitely! :D

I hope I suit Makoto, and not just in the way that he's practically the same as Kenya xD And shh, I'mma be shipping us so hard too xD (It amuses me that it'll be the Nordics doing the Free! boys, and in the same ships too 8D <3 we so kawaii with our cosplay choices~)

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DangerousBox - 29th September 2013

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BladeyCakes - 29th September 2013
Urgh, sorry your stuff has gone wonky too hun 8C bloody dye. Was it the hand-stuff, or washing machine?
Wonderful of our Haruka-senpai to get you another, though!! 8D Fingers crossed all goes better next time! You gon' be fabulous, I have ALL the faith!

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Anonymous - 29th July 2014
This is just awesome! And I love the group photos! :)

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MadlyScientific - 31st July 2014
AHh you look great! Absolutely love the group photos and that wig is perfect! :3