Princess jasmine - Aladdin





Costume description - Keeping it more realistic using fabrics like silk and lace encrusted with crystals and gems like a real princess would wear.

Wig: The wig is a costume styled wig made from high quality kanekalon fibers. Looks and feels like real hair! The wig is styled with fiber filled rolls on the top of the wig and layered right over each other for volume, while the pony tail is hand crafted to be stuffed and fluffed, keeping it's shape with batting, fiber fill and foam core- very durable! The pony tail measures about 40", Very long! The bangs are styled specifically to the character and are shaped to frame the face perfectly. They most certainly bring accuracy to the character. The wig has sewn in clips inside the cap, which helps the wig nestle on your head tight and snuggly.

These earrings are those worn by Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin.
They are hollow cast of urethane plastic and are extremely lightweight, yet not brittle or fragile. Each earring weighs only 4/10 of an ounce. That's less than the weight of 5 pennies.
They are finished in bright gold enamel.
These earrings are made for pierced ears. They have posts which are embedded in the cast plastic so it is almost impossible for the posts to break off.

This Jasmine necklace is fabricated of urethane plastic and finished in bright gold enamel .It is made to go with and matches my Jasmine Earrings. It has a clasp in the back which is secured by an elastic.

Costume - firefly path
Wig - palace persuasions
Earrings and necklace - perfect tommy automail
Shoes - petit Leon


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