Sweden [Berwald Oxenstierna] (Medieval) - Hetalia: Axis Powers




Planning this with an Iceland and a Norway, I believe? [Th-They may be Denmark though. Don't quote me on this one. Oh lord.]


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Progress Journal

25th July 2013

What's even going on here?

Okay so after staring pointedly at a LOT of different sources, I think I've reached the conclusion on what the colours should be.
His hat will be dark blue/navy. It will /not/ have a trim of yellow at the top. It will have a rose and a flower design, however.
His ruffled shirt[?] will be white.
His cape... thing will also be white with a dark blue trim.
I have literally no idea what the kind of chain thing is and I might have to consult someone else's help on that one um.
His breeches will be dark blue.
His shoes? Himaruya's [?] design in sepia shows them to look like medieval armoured shoes, but every other source gives him brown boots. I may side with those, for ease.
I may also go with the brown glove look for his arms.