female monk pandaren - World of Warcraft

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this is for a wow small group with my children. I want to make the inscribed crane staff to go with this character.


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Progress Journal

claws (Posted 3rd March 2014)

I used leather gloves insideout that I found very cheap, I added the "nails" with worbla. I had a small simple sheet that I won in a contest and was perfect for this.

clothes (Posted 3rd March 2014)

wip they are too big, but comfy

buckles (Posted 3rd March 2014)

wip buckles, sugar botons and the latex prosthetic I made with jumping clay and latex milk.

weapon (Posted 3rd March 2014)

the crane staff, drying.

weapon wip (Posted 23rd February 2014)


weapon wip (Posted 23rd February 2014)