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we want to make a wow small group for the next event. This is what my son chose.

this is going to be a huge chalange, the whole proyect, but I think we are ready for it and we have a lot of time. this would be the first time we make props and we can´t wait.

we have been playing wow for more than three years, it´s a family game and we love it.


Kata-san posted on 26 January, 2014 - 13:09
You are awesome! I've always wanted to do a Pandaren ever since I started cosplaying! I am really looking forward to seeing this! Really really!

carsec posted on 28 January, 2014 - 20:41
thank you, time runs fast and now I only have one more month. But we are excited and willing to work hard.

Progress Journal

3rd March 2014


clothes in progress. I made a belly because he is too skinny for the character

3rd March 2014


hat. I bought the base and add the fur and the eva foam top.

26th January 2014


I´m working on the buckles, eva foam and Wood glue. I still have to sand it and paint

20th December 2013


I finally made a bunch of candy bottons with the right colors

2nd August 2013


this costume is for february so I have a lot of time for experimenting new materials and pay atention to detail. I was searching for information about resins for making gems that I need for the shirt bottons. But everything was so confusing and quite expensive. Sooo I found a recipe to make gems with hard CANDY. I feel much confortable in the kitchen than in the workshop so I try to find molds but the shipping cost were too much. Then I decided to try different materials to make my own molds. I tried clay, pastecine and jumping clay. The problems is that the sugar is very hot when you pour it on the mold, about 260 degrees. The clay didn´t work at all because there was no way to take the Candy out of the mold even thou a put a lot of oil. the jumping clay seemed to work but when I took the Candy out there were bubbles inside and the surface was to rough for a gem, it would be fine for a precious Stone before it´s shaped but not for a gem. But the plasticine worked just perfect, it has to be thick thou. So I got the "ruby" bottons just with sugar, cream of tartar, water, food coloring and plasticide, all of them materials that I already had at home. Then I paint them with several layers of trasparent nail polish to prevent them to became sticky or disolved ( I tested soaking them overnight to make sure). Easy and very very cheap.