Dirk Strider (Godtier) - Homestuck


AyaCon 2013


Masquerade times with the other Princes; Bakurakat (godtier Kurlos) and Fables (Godtier Eridan)Last min cosplay choice and never thought I would cosplay Dirk.

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1st August 2013

done & dusted.

Everything's complete ~

27th July 2013

Hoody and the cape.

All done on this side... only Gloves to make and get fabric for the crown/headband thingy.

24th July 2013

Glasses arrived.

yeah.. not much on the essential update but still just as important.

22nd July 2013


Pretty much done in the bloomer factory. Ran outta material for the hood though so waiting for my next batch to arrive along with tshirt!. Glasses, tights & shoes are all here. so just the crown headpiece to worry over.

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