Blaze Fielding
Streets Of Rage

Cosplayer: The Retro Valentine

Variant: SOR 1

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

22nd July 2013: Making the costume: Blaze Fielding SOR1 My all time favourite video game is an old skool / side scrollin' / beat 'em up from the Sega Genesis franchise called Streets of Rage. (If you're not familiar I suggest you check it out, like, NOW!!)

Blaze Fielding makes up 1/3 of the main characters from SOR1 and in short, I love her :D

Having recently been to the MCM Comic Con in Manchester, Blaze was my first choice for a cosplay, and I really wanted to do justice to the character. So, let's talk about the outfit!!.......

Blaze sports a red leather jacket, keeping the sleeves pulled up to her elbows, and there are also black 'bands' that trim the edge of the shoulders. I found a jacket with good resemblance to this on ebay, for a ridiculously good bargain. I very simply drew thick black lines to make the shoulder/sleeve 'bands' - I had initially considered stitching the material from a soft wet look hair band I had picked up for cheap, (which would've looked really well) only I was nervous stitching them to leather in case I ripped the jacket. (After my first attempt at this I learned it's really tough to hand stitch leather!!) Anyway, the black marker worked fine for the finished look and I also used it to colour in the belt loops to match the colour of the belt, as Blaze doesn't appear to have belt loops on her outfit at all.

Next was the shoes; again, thank you ebay for a nicely priced pair of high top trainers, trés similar to Blaze's. Once again I used the marker to fill in the 'band' which goes along the heal of the shoe, and also across the foot. I did try stitching the black soft hair band across but the shoe material was so thick I broke two needles. Thank God for permanent ink marker!! ;)

Her head band has that slight tacky 80's look to it (which I love) but I wanted it to match the jacket. Every hair band I could find was either too much of a cherry red or too much of a burgundy colour. The jacket had originally come with a long leather belt that was stitched together in three places, thus giving me an idea... I cut the belt at the joins for ease of stitching it back together, got a thick plastic hair band to push through the belt piece (to keep it firm) so the piece of belt acted as a cover. I wore it across my forehead instead of on my head and voila, hair band becomes head band, happy days!

Unfortunately the pics I have up displaying this cosplay were taken with my prehistoric digital camera, and were snapped in my garden at 1am. The flash isn't great, as you can see, and trying to pose in the pitch black proved harder than I'd thought! None the less, I had great fun with this cosplay and hope you like it. If not perhaps it will at very least give you inspiration or ideas when creating your own costumes. 'Til the next cosplay... :)

malicemana avatar

malicemana - 22nd July 2013
This is amazing ^^

Numta avatar

Numta - 22nd July 2013

Great to see fellow SOR cosplayers! =D

Manjou avatar

Manjou - 7th November 2013
Awesome Blaze costume :D

Mighty Odango avatar

Mighty Odango - 30th December 2013
Excellent Blaze!