Crystal-Heart Cosplay

Panty ( Version 2.0) (Angelic Form) - Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt





So Comic Con 2013 marked my Panty cosplay's final day. It's gotten quite old and it's been in need of a remake for quite sometime. I'm only making little updates to my already current costume.

What I'm planning on doing for this costume is just make a completely new top and adding a little bit more detail to it (Maybe a little beading and lace here and there, nothing to fancy) I plan on altering the top to not only fit my body a lot better than my last one but also a little bit more stable so I don't have to worry about it falling apart every con I go to.

I also plan on making a brand new set of wings so I can complete the angel look and dust the feathers with glitter for a more glamourous look and make a brand new set of Armbands that won't leave imprints on my arms for being too tight. Furthermore I'm getting a second petticoat that's a lot poofier so I can walk around the con without my skirt looking so flat.

Since I plan on getting a belly dancer body stocking for my Mermaid Ariel cosplay, I'll also use it for this costume too to give it a little more glamour and sparkle :) I might end up slimming down by the time I get to this so it'll be perfect


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