Itachi Uchiha (Ball Kimono) - Naruto


AmeCon 2008




I thought I had already added this to my costumes but apparently not.
It's made up of a red Yukata-like kimono that I had bought from the Chinese Shop a while back and a beautiful pink silk obi that was made for me by Iggie <3
The obi is pre-tied and has wire in the bow to help it stay in shape, and has little bells attached by ribbons. I did have to adjust the positions of the hooks/eyes or whatever they're called because I had put on a little weight ^^;;

The sandels were from Tesco and I bought them because they looked decorative. Only downside is they're very uncomfortable to wear. The elastic that goes around the heel kept slipping and the decorative part (elastic tied into knots) dug into my feet and left dimples and bruising.

The wig I already had. I would like to redo this sometime with a better kimono, since the one I used is more of a bathrobe type of thing. The obi will sadly go into retirement unless I can lose some weight ^^;;


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