Black Cat (Kotobukiya Bishoujo) - Marvel


Glasgow Comic Con 2012

Tanya Roberts said I was one of the best Black Cat's she's seen. That's an award enough for me!




I decided to make this costume after falling in love with the Kotobukiya Bishoujo Figurine. Before I was a Catwoman fan but this figurine introduced me to Black Cat and I much prefer her outfit and design although I admit I know next to nothing about her character.

It was only my second ever cosplay and it's the first I'd done where I had a set design to follow.

The catsuit is the main part and I bought it from an online store. However I am a size 14 in tops and a size 18 in trousers so I had to heavily alter the top half of the suit to fit me. I had a lot of trouble locating a sewing machine and eventually I ran out of time. I ended up having to use lots and lots safety pins to alter the entire top half of the suit. Unorthodox but it worked!

The shoes are a cheap pair of knee high boots from Primark. I cut them to be shorter (althoough they ended up being a little too short) then spray painted them and sewed the fur trim on.

The gloves were a cheap pair from a party shop which I sewed the fur trim onto.

The mask is a plain white mask which I cut away to match Black Cats and then spray painted black. I am very proud of it and got a lot of compliments regarding it. I intended to use spirit gum to hold it without the elastic but we were enduring a heatwave during the con I wore the cosplay to and I was afraid the sweat and gum wouldn't cooperate so I used the elastic to play it safe.

I used some black pleather and velcro to make a collar for her. I also got a pet nametag engraved with her name, Felicia. She keeps her identity a secret but I thought it was too cute an idea, so I just went with it.


nanahara posted on 20 July, 2013 - 22:18
you look amazing as Black Cat