Gamzee Makara
MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck

Cosplayer: jlister1997

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

20th July 2013: Questioning Do I really need "Ben Nye Final seal?" Apparently hairspray does the same basic thing. Setting powder? Primer?
I mean, I want this costume to look good but I'm wondering if it's REALLY necessary.
Also I'm going to LA in a few days and one of my American friends has agreed to track down some Faygo for me and I'll buy it off her when we meet up ^_^ joy of joys.
Do I really need a second clown horn? Or would one hand faygo the other hand horn look good enough? The place I got the horn from was in manchester and I live in the North East so obviously I can't go back there just to buy it. I could always order one online but is it really necessary?

6th July 2013: Manchester Meetup Wore the costume to this meetup for the first time. At this point it was a plain black t-shirt, black trousers, blue converse and makeup. My own hair was fluffed up and I was sans-horns. I bought the clown horn today.
It was loads of fun; first ever meetup and met a ton of like-minded people. We played twister in the park in full costume.
Motivated me to aim for London comic-con.