The Last of Us

Cosplayer: Augmented Queen

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

1st August 2013: "No Pun Intended" "No matter how hard you push an envelope, it'll still be stationary."
"What is that...?"
"Its a joke book! No pun intended, volume two, by Will Livingston."

My very own! Hand painted in watercolours and full of all the jokes from the game, and then some!

1st August 2013: Added torch My torch! Previously camogreen, it's been re-painted black and worn in. Stuck down to the strap with matching silver tape to keep it in place when hunting down those Clickers...

1st August 2013: Finished bag Unfortunately the sunlight washes out most of the effort I put into weathering this! It took a few days of sheer beating the heck out of it, grinding it against walls and painting it through different colors of browns, grays and smudges~ Though I really hope I can gain some pictures at Aya!
Complete with little demon purple toggle!

I also did a complete revamp of how the structure of the bag is to make it more slimmer for my back and in-game right. Even though I know the zipper direction and position of the green is completely off, it's a start!

29th July 2013: Bag The bag pre-weathered and before I've edited it to suit me more! This thing was huuuuuuge~! Though with a few clever tweaks, I've slimmed it down without loosing much structure, just adjusting into the shape that I need which I'll get pictures of as soon as I've finished weathering and making her monster attachment.

29th July 2013: gathering the basics A right angled torch, t-shirt transfer sent over by my partner and my eagle pin for my backpack! Here it's all pre-weathered and aged