Columbia Police Officer - Bioshock Infinite





This is born out of the want, nay, need to wear a great uniform that I made myself.

Parts of this that increase in difficulty while also decrease in importance:

* Police Uniform, badge etc.
* Club weapon
* Pistol weapon (perhaps, I am not too fussed)
* other props (police barrier!)
* Sky-Hook (working?)

If I had a chance to get a group together I'd also be interested in set-building these things (I mean this is seriously "wishlist" but you never know, dream big!)
* Working Sky-Line people can descend on via. Sky-Hook (cheating obviously in how it actually works but make sure it looks cool)
* Backdrops/more scenery
* Breakable props for an action sequence
* Items from the game (vigors, coins, etc.)

I am tempted to do some of these anyway, but it'll be a job for end of 2013 early 2014 at earliest I figure.


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