Yu Narukami (beauty pageant) - Persona 4


AyaCon 2013




Nesproxy posted on 13 July, 2013 - 19:52
Fantastic idea! Looks great. :)

magicalpantsu posted on 13 July, 2013 - 22:34
Thanks! Hey, totally off-topic, but I noticed your name on the cosplay list for Aya; you're planning on doing both Cyborg an Suit versions of Raiden? I find that really funny cause I was thinking of doing both of those too for the Sunday haha!

Nesproxy posted on 17 July, 2013 - 14:09
Haha awesome. :) Yeah, I'll be doing both - suit version will be evening wear for me on one of the days. Would be good to get some pictures together. :D

magicalpantsu posted on 18 July, 2013 - 12:10
Awesome! Think I'm just going to be doing the suit due to time constraints but I'd love to get pics together :)

Nesproxy posted on 18 July, 2013 - 17:32
Great! ^_^