Costume :custom built pistol props
Variant :various
Source :weapons
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

anime/manga style detective special

mangs/anime pistol

mass effect pistol

the max bull pup

the python revolver


the pistol boo from the show firefly/serenity

space marine pistol

bioshock hand cannon

babydolls 1911 colt from suckerpunch


Costume Information

Cost : various
Time Taken : most take 10 days to build

all my pistol builds are made from scratch each one is made for a customer and to the specs that they want from the prop
i always try to make things look as close if not exact to the item from the show or drawings iv been in this job for like almost 30 years and there are not many that can do the standard i do for the good prices i charge
if you want some thing making let me know here or at faustus70@hotmail.co.uk and i will work you a fair costing out you will get a far higher standard than what you pay for with me :-)


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