Gambit - X men evolution




GroovyGenesCosplay posted on 17 August, 2013 - 22:48
Oh yes. You will be amazing. And we can be X-Men: Evolution Brotherhood bros :'D

Progress Journal

28th September 2013

Belt finally finished

So I finally sat down to finish off the belt today. Made the separate pouches/boxes out of cardboard so they'd be nice and light and wouldn't weigh the belt down, secured to the belt with little cardboard sleeves superglued to the back.
One box opens up so I can store extra playing cards inside it, or something similar (like business cards~).

This marks Evolution Gambit as officially complete.

4th September 2013

Trousers complete

The trousers are complete, and therefore so is the costume - asides from a couple of pouches I need to sew onto the belt.
I used the same grey t-shirt as I used for the shirt so the colours would match.

2nd September 2013

Boots and gloves finished!

Finished the other boot cover, as well as the white detail on the gloves. All that's left to do now are the trousers, and some pouches for my belt, and the costume will be complete!

1st September 2013

Boot cover progress

As I have to wait until next week for the rest of my cosplay pieces to be delivered, I decided to work on the boot covers while I wait.

Finished the first one - grey/silver polycotton and black PVC, with a piece of thin cardboard for the kneecap piece.

27th August 2013

Trousers bought.

Managed to find a pair of trousers that are an almost perfect match for colour. As I'm unlikely to find anything better I've decided to go with them and buy a couple more of the zinc shirts to use for the grey sections on the lower half, so the colour is a perfect match.

23rd August 2013

Top half complete!

To make it easier to wear/etc, I've decided to make this in two pieces. This is just version #1 anyway. The grey is technically too light to match the cartoon colours but it'll be easier to find a match for it, so bite me. XD

Finished the top half yesterday, and did a quick test-shot to see how it looks.