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Deadpool #33 (1997) death For LFCC winter 2013.

Hydraxia posted on 9 October, 2013 - 18:36
You had your pic taken with my hubby's Deadpool. Loved it & he was so chuffed to meet a Death. He'd been trying to persuade me to Cosplay it. Now I'm not sure I can live up to yours, it was amazing.

kitsune posted on 10 October, 2013 - 14:48
Thank you so much, I was so happy I found a deadpool to have a photo with since not many appeared this year. I'm sure you can do one better just have to find one you like to do. ;)

1st October 2013

Complete just in time

Death is now done, Little disappointed in the dress since its a bit baggy on the waist but the patten was a mess and I had the guess most of the sizes for each piece. The sleeves are long due to that fact the top part will be bunched up and I didn't have time to work out a better way of keeping them gathered together. The head/mask is complete ( but not pictured) I hope it looks all good at LFCC.

5th August 2013

starting dress

Started work on the dress (the front part is on the model still need to do the back and sides) the mask is drying and I have a zentai suit to attached the mask to to hide my face.

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