Michael Myers (Halloween 2 (2009) H2 Hobo Michael Myers ) - Halloween 2 (2009) H2

Status :In Progress
Worn At :MCM London Comic Con October 2014
Awards : None


End of MCM for another year

Origonal VS Remake

MCM Shot

Remake VS Classic

LOTR seating

The Hulk

Silent Hill Pyrimid Head

Silent Hill Nurse

MCM Shot

MCM shot

MCM shot



The costume is complete, the final stages if Michael Myers

Info on the masks deterioration
The mask is crumbling away, and Michael worsening mentally. "As the mask deteriorates, so does his mind. His brain is rotting away, and in the sequel he’s becoming more and more insane. The mask had got to that stage where the mask exposes a quarter of Michael's face, and the mask has gone from the white ghostly mysterious figure, to a rotting yellow texture exposing his face

Info on the costume pieces
H2 Dark Half - Dela Torre
H2 Hobo jacket, Remake Coveralls and H2 Bowie knife - Josh ludemann aka(crazydog500) of Beyond studious
White T-shirt- get it from any store, or online
Boots - kalazamcreations


miss-fuu-chan posted on 14 August, 2013 - 11:19
I think he'll be your scariest yet! Looking forward tos eyeing completed pics!

Lady-Aira posted on 14 August, 2013 - 21:13
Oooo this will look fantastic! Cannot wait to see progress and how it all comes together ^^

blissfulbanana posted on 29 August, 2013 - 23:11
ooo this looks awesome, can't wait to see the finished result once you get it off the artist

Tori Yummai posted on 10 September, 2013 - 18:22
This looks amazing!!

g123 posted on 19 September, 2013 - 18:07
Wow, this need to be seen at a comic con and soon!

ToroSonyCat posted on 29 September, 2013 - 15:32
Wow!! This looks amazing

Mothfox posted on 9 January, 2014 - 14:26
Just a great costume idea i look forward to its progress

ManiacCos posted on 8 May, 2014 - 18:40
Dude, this is going to be amazing! :'D

Dax79 posted on 13 September, 2014 - 04:15
I hope to see this at Comic-Con!!!!

To-Do List

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Shopping List

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Progress Journal

Payed for the H2 Hobo jacket (Posted 18th June 2017)

The rest of the Hobo Myers costume is paid for, hopefully before july the costume is complete, finishing off the RZ Halloween timeline.

H2 camo jacket arrived (Posted 17th June 2017)

The camo jacket for my H2 Hobo Myers costume arrived to Josh, he will be working on the final part of the costume, and hopefully before July the H2 Hobo Myers is complete

H2 Red flannel top (Posted 12th June 2017)

The H2 flannel top complete, so the costume is getting closer to be finished

Halloween 2 (2009) H2 Dark half arrived today (Posted 3rd October 2016)

The mask arrived today, damn it looks insane

Halloween 2 (2009) H2 Dark half sent out (Posted 30th September 2016)

The mask sent out, should have it next week

Bowie knife arrived (Posted 15th September 2016)

My Bowie Knife arrived, its getting closer to completing the hero look

Bowie knife shipped out (Posted 8th September 2016)

My bowie knife shipped out, should have it soon

Bowie knife payed (Posted 4th September 2016)

Payed for my wicked one holster weapons belt, and the Bowie knife comes with it, which will be another piece added to my Hobo Myers costumes, leaving it down to getting my boots and my H2 hobo Myers masks of the aged and dark half

H2 Bowie knife bought (Posted 19th June 2016)

Payed for my bowie knife

The H2 Dark Half bought (Posted 6th May 2016)

The mask is bought, all I got to do is get the red flannel top and bowie knife paid for, and the costume will be completed when it all arrives in october

Boots/shoes arrived (Posted 4th September 2015)

My boots arrived, and they are fantastic.

Boots/shoes shipped out (Posted 1st September 2015)

They were shipped out tuesday, should have them friday or next monday

New boots/shoes bought (Posted 31st August 2015)

I bought a pair of new shoes, if they work give me the right height, do not hurt my feet, found the perfect pair

Half Mask arrived today (Posted 20th October 2014)

The half mask arrived today, insanely detailed, and it sets my comic con week up perfectly now, no more worrying, its here

Half masked shipped (Posted 15th October 2014)

The new half mask was shipped out, hoping to have it Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday, or I will have to use my other myers mask for MCM comic con. It is almost there now, so close

Costume arrived (Posted 30th September 2014)

The costume arrived, only parts of the costume that effects this one so far, is the remake coveralls and the H2 jacket. The Remake and H2 DS costumes are complete, but missing that half mask to complete this one, almost there now. By the 10 or 12th it should all be done

Costume was shipped (Posted 22nd September 2014)

The costume was shipped today, in just over a week I should get it, and complete my remake and dream sequence costume. The hobo costume is close, the jacket is getting shipped with the coveralls and knife, but the half mask is not quiet finished yet.

Costume Update (Posted 10th August 2014)

Crazydog500 messaged me he has completed the coveralls, waiting for the other pieces

Shipped the H2 costume back (Posted 7th August 2014)

I shipped the H2 costume back to crazygog500, he is still in the process making the remake coveralls, hopefully I should have the costume finished and shipped to me in a month time, getting closer and closer to completing my Michael Myers costume

The costume delay (Posted 3rd August 2014)

The costume is going to be delayed by another month, got to send the jacket back to Josh, waiting on dela torre to ship the mask to Josh, as Josh is making the coveralls and he asked me could he delay finishing the coveralls, as hes got a few more orders to finish off. I am sending my current coveralls back to Josh, he will be selling them and paying me. So it will most likely be completed in august, and shipped to me in September.

Half mask from dela torre payed for (Posted 2nd July 2014)

New half mask payed for

H2 Costume arrived today (Posted 19th June 2014)

My mask and coveralls arrived today, it completes my dream sequence costume , but not the HOBO costume.

H2 mask underway (Posted 13th June 2014)

This update is just for my Hobo Myers costume, dela is making me an exposed Myers mask. It will take a while, but I am happy my second buried mask will be made

Tweaked the HOBO Jacket (Posted 9th June 2014)

I have done some minor changes to the jacket to make it lighter, and fit me better. The jacket came in 3 layers, I got rid of 90% of the flannel shirt, which is under the main coat, it made the jacket much heavier. I kept the collar of the third shirt, which stops the collar of the main coat irritating my neck, and the sleeves of the flannel shirt, so the white torn pieces stick out, and glued the pieces together.

I cut the arms of the main coat, as it did not fit me well, and now the jacket is not more practical. Fits me perfect, and it does not feel has warm as before. Which I can now wear the Myers costume sometimes with the coat, to a comic con in the future

My new Bowie knife (Posted 4th June 2014)

The knife arrived today, it's just what I was after

Bowie knife was shipped out (Posted 27th May 2014)

Bowie knife is now on it's way to me

Bowie knife was shipped out (Posted 27th May 2014)

Bowie knife is now on it's way to me

The mask arrived to the artist (Posted 16th May 2014)

The mask was finished shipped out by dela, now its at another artist who is making me the remake coveralls and Bowie knife, for my costume for Halloween time

H2 Mask payed for (Posted 19th March 2014)

I bought the dream sequence dela torre H2 mask, in a few weeks the remake coveralls

Costume back on the agenda (Posted 17th March 2014)

Since money has got better at my job, I will now go ahead and finish off the costume. Its a hybrid of the remake and H2 costume.

H2 mask
H2 jacket
remake coveralls
remake knife

The exposed mask arrived (Posted 7th October 2013)

The exposed Myers mask arrived today, I got to spray paint the hair a darker color, as its 2 light.

Sold my revolver buried mask (Posted 18th September 2013)

I sold the mask that not long arrived with my costume, needed a new mask because the current one is a bit tight on my face, going with the exposed H2 Myers mask

Bought the exposed H2 Myers mask (Posted 15th September 2013)

I bought the exposed H2 Myers mask, selling my current one to cover the costs. The mask should arrive mid october I hope, same with my remake undermask

Costume arrived today (Posted 10th September 2013)

the costume arrived today, charging my old phone that gets timed shots, but very soon I will be putting pics up

Costume arrives tomorrow (Posted 9th September 2013)

It is almost here, the costume arrives tomorrow, will send pics of the version without the role up bag, I will be looking to get the screen accurate coveralls, but probs next year

The Costume is being shipped has we speak (Posted 30th August 2013)

All payed for, its being shipped out, and I should have the costume within a week

Boots arrived today (Posted 29th August 2013)

The Boots arrived today, they are perfect. It gives me a 2 inches in height, even though I am already 6 ft 4. Hopefully when the shoelifts arrive, I will hopefully of the height of possibly 6 ft 7, which is a big help for my remake Myers costume, has Tyler mane is 6 ft 9

The costume fully payed for (Posted 28th August 2013)

I got the entire costume paid for, give the last payment today, so I should get it this time next thursday, cannot wait

Boots and shoe lifts payed for (Posted 23rd August 2013)

got the boots and shoe-lifts payed for, a key piece I have needed to give me those extra few inches which will get me from 6 ft 4, to 6 ft 6

A video of the costume from the artist I will be buying from (Posted 19th August 2013)


Here is the video of the costume itself, apart from the coverals. But the jacket and mask are the pieces I will be buying

Got the Coveralls (Posted 15th August 2013)

My mate has given me a pair of the coveralls for free, instead of that brown orange color I am going with the classic blue. Has the orange stands out way to much, want them dark

The start of my payment of my Michael Myers H2 costume (Posted 14th August 2013)

I have started the down-payment of my H2 remake Michael Myers costume, towards the end of September, everything should be complete