William Birkin (G Virus Infection (Early Stages)) - Resident Evil 2 / Darkside Chronicles




So I'm rooming with 3 others for MCM in October and they're all doing Resident Evil 2 cosplays, Leon, Claire and Ada. Now since I love my friends so much, I thought it'd be awesome if we all did Resident Evil, and have it themed for Raccoon City, so those who appear in games set in Raccoon City.

At first I was set on Carlos, because I felt that RE2 lacked male lead characters with a recognisable costume. There's a few character's that could work: William Birkin, Ben Bertollucci, Kendo, Marvin. But none of them stood out for me.

However, a talk with my friends let me see how recognisable Birkin can be, and we've decided to throw a bit of infection in there too. I don't know how this costume will turn out, but that's all part of the fun!


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