Cosmo the Seedrian - Sonic X


I want to do this costume because Cosmo's another Sonic girl that I like.

Officially started 19/11/2011 when I bought a couple threads I need for this costume.

The easiest part was buying the tights and styling the wig as it just required trimming.

Then hardest part was the skirt as I had trouble making it like a skirt but got through some problem solving in time.

It was OK to wear; the top was quite warm, the skirt restricted my bending ability, and one of the buds got loose and did come off by the time I took it off at the end of the day.

The wig was bought from eBay seller cosplaywig2010. I put the wig on to trim the fringe, and then trimmed around the rest and tidied the fringe with it on the wig head.

For the flowers I got 2 polystyrene cones and painted them red and yellow for base colours. I then used double-sided sticky tape and wrapped pieces of foam sheets round the cones for the red, green, and yellow pieces. Then I used more tape to stick them to a green hairband.

The top was made by cutting out the body and arm shapes out of green fleece. The body panels were sewn together, then the arms were sewn to the shoulders and the arms were sealed up on the bottom of the arms. A collar was made and sewn to the neck. Then I cut out the yellow rim and cuff pieces and were sewn on and cut carefully around the edges to neaten them. I then cut out the gem out of red foam sheet and painted it with acrylic paint. I then used velcro to attach it to the front and also used velcro to sealed up the collar infront of my neck.

For the skirt first the waistband was made from a strip of white fabric and hook fasteners. I then used strips of white material and green pieces of fabric to make the petal pieces. In total there are 12 to make it skirt-like. I also had to used safety pins on the inside to prevent the top of my legs showing. The petals were all sewn within and on the inside of the waistband.

The white tights were bought from eBay seller nikolayradev.

For the shoes I bought a plain white pair from New Look and painted them with green paint with a couple layers.

Cosmic⋆Star posted on 8 January, 2011 - 00:07
This would be interesting to see. I don't think I've ever seen a Cosmo cosplayer.

Lady-Aira posted on 15 November, 2011 - 00:12
awww you're gonna be such a cute cosmo hun!!! ^^ We'll come protect you as the knights! Sir Percival at your service ^^

Green Wig
Head Flowers
Petal Skirt
White Tights
Green Shoes

Total cost: £0.00

23rd May 2012

Skirt Finished

I first made the waistband out of white fabric with a strip that's folded in half and uses hook fasteners. For each of the petals I got two strips of white fabric, sewed on the green piece on the bottom, and then I sewed two of those together and turned them inside out to keep the seams inside. I then sewed them in the waistband while hemming it. With just 6 petals it wasn't enough of a skirt so I had to make 6 more and sewed them on the inside of the waistband. I also used some safety pins to keep the petals together like a skirt.

12th May 2012

Top Finished

I measured what dimensions I wanted each part of the top to be, and I cut out the body and arm pieces out of green felt/fleece. I sewed the body pieces together on the shoulders and sides. I then sewed the arm pieces to the shoulders and then sewed along the bottom of the arms. I added a collar to the neck and also stuck on velcro to secure it infront of my neck when wearing it. I cut out the yellow pieces and sewed on the cuffs and the rim along the bottom. I then carefully cut along them to give them smooth edges. For the gem I cut out the shape from red foam sheet and painted on red and white acrylic paint. I then used tabs of velcro to attach it to the front.

5th May 2012

Flowers Finished

These were made out of two polystyrene cones which were painted red and yellow for base colours. I then wrapped them in pieces of red, green, and yellow foam sheets and sticked them on with double-sided sticky tape. They were then stuck to a green hairband with more tape on the bottom. The greens of the foam and the wig don't quite match but it matches better than the other green foam I had. They're also slighty different sizes at the bottoms which is from where I had to add more yellow foam to both to make sure the colours and shapes matched.

3rd May 2012

Shoes Finished

I bought a plain white pair of shoes from New Look, then I painted them with green acrylic paint with a couple of layers on the top, and one layer on the soles.

29th April 2012

Wig Finished

The wig was bought from eBay seller cosplaywig2010. I put the wig on to trim the fringe and tidied that and trimmed the rest with it on the wig head. I also perfected how I wear wigs by using some moisture in my hair and also using lots of bobby pins to hold my hair into the wig cap.

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