Cosplayer: Loki-loves-jareth

Variant: Basic cas with his trench coat

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

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This Little Nephilim - 21st July 2013
Can't wait to get some pics only seen one person cosplay as SPN characters i'll be dressed as Lightning from Final Fantasy 13 ((look out for a short person that'll be me))

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Loki-loves-jareth - 23rd July 2013
There will be four of us in total
Me (cas)
And I will be accompanied by my three friends who will be Sam Dean and Bobby :)
We'll all be in a big group so come an say hi!!!
Your costume sounds amazing

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This Little Nephilim - 30th July 2013
thanks and i'd luv to meet ya I think i'm there for one day thou plus I have never been in all my years of going to comic-con since 2008, and yeah i'll come to say hi i'm still looking for a cheap price for all the seasons ((todate)) on DVD or Blu-ray as I luv Dean and Cas they are my favs also I make my own cosplay videos so i'd luv to hae u all as part of the id my youtube is GreatNinjaYuffie01. I've only started cosplay music videos this year so i'm kinda newbe at them

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shadowsora - 17th September 2013
What day will you guys be going??? I was gon a do a meg cosplay but I didn't think people would know who that was hit I saw this! Yay! Anyway sorry went off on a tangent. What day will y'all be coming? I've never reall seen many spn cosplayers ^^

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sharkbaitcosplay - 8th October 2013
omg me and my friend will be going and I'll probably be wearing my Cas cosplay - we all really need to meet up :D

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CartoonetteIX - 7th November 2013
I thought I was going to be the only one there from Supernatural since I only saw one Cas at MCM Midlands this year. I'm going as female Gabriel and thought that I would be completely out of place but now I feel a little more confident! :)