Agent Coulson (Female Version) - The Avengers


AMG! I can't believe how stress free and comfortable this cosplay is going to be. I already pretty much have everything, including a fitted blue blouse thanks to my work XD
I've always wanted to an Avengers cosplay and I love Coulson so much and it'll be a great cosplay to do when I'm dealing behind my table at Conventions.

adamphillip posted on 30 June, 2013 - 00:25
now all you need are a few agents in combat uniforms to accompany you.

MoonCrystalPower posted on 7 August, 2013 - 14:53
You suit Coulson so much! Wow. Great cosplay!

30th June 2013


Some of the cool stuff I've gathered from around my flat. The only things I've bought are the tie and the bluetooth earpiece when it arrives :3 Don't need to patch but I've had it ages and want to incorporate it into the cosplay.

30th June 2013

Blue Blouse

So I spent ages thinking what kind of shirt to get because Coulson does actually have a blue shirt in the Movie. I checked online and I wasn't happy with the results, plus I wanted it fitted. Then it dawned on me - I already had the friggin shirt! My work shirt for Hobbycraft is a blue fitted blouse XD

30th June 2013

Pencil Skirt

Made a generic pencil skirt that I can use with other cosplays. This is one of the key fem features of my Fem Coulson. The reason I'm doing a Fem version is I am waaaay to big hipped and curvy to pull off a man lol plus super long hair :v

20th May 2013


Made a bolero jacket a while back and decided it would be useful for my Coulson. I don't have a full jacket nor can I afford one so I'll be adding a waist coat as well to pull off a smarter look

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