Luka Megurine (Ruby China Dress) - Vocaloid - Project Diva


Kitacon 2014


While I am still getting into Vocaloid goodness I am definitely most suited to Luka and she is my favourite! I also adore Chinese style dresses and so this ‘Ruby’ version is a must for me. I would also like to do her standard black outfit sometime in future ;) (Picture is taken from my own TV screen, as I would like to add the glasses and maybe cat ears and tail if I can!)

My intention is to wear this at Kitacon 2014! Possibly Friday nights party. So any other vocaloids let me know if you wanna meet for photos.

*Winks Luka style and does a twirl*

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16th March 2014

Wig styled

Wig styling took approx an hour, the fringe took the most time to later it to a point right ^^ I have also cut the front back a bit to frame the face and also the long front curls have been shortened in a layering effect so it's more natural. I just need to wash the dress and try it all on! Otherwise this party outfit is finished ;)

21st February 2014


Okay so the dress arrived with a massive watermark down the front of it >_< so I need to try and clean this over the weekend....

19th February 2014


The dress arrived! I'm glad to have it with covered shoulders as personally on my frame it looks nicer ^^ just need to sort my wig out really as I have tights and shoes I can wear and gloves - kinda doing my variation to suit my body haha!

8th February 2014

Waiting on the dress

So I ordered the china dress which should come before Kita so I just need to style my wig really and add the accessories ^^ I know its not the exact design but as I'm wearing for parties its not too much of a problem to me!

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