Luka Megurine
Vocaloid - Project Diva

Cosplayer: Raye-chan

Variant: Ruby China Dress

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2014

16th March 2014: Wig styled Wig styling took approx an hour, the fringe took the most time to later it to a point right ^^

I have also cut the front back a bit to frame the face and also the long front curls have been shortened in a layering effect so it's more natural.

I just need to wash the dress and try it all on! Otherwise this party outfit is finished ;)

21st February 2014: Damn.... Okay so the dress arrived with a massive watermark down the front of it >_< so I need to try and clean this over the weekend....

19th February 2014: Pretty! The dress arrived! I'm glad to have it with covered shoulders as personally on my frame it looks nicer ^^ just need to sort my wig out really as I have tights and shoes I can wear and gloves - kinda doing my variation to suit my body haha!

8th February 2014: Waiting on the dress So I ordered the china dress which should come before Kita so I just need to style my wig really and add the accessories ^^ I know its not the exact design but as I'm wearing for parties its not too much of a problem to me!