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I really enjoyed playing The Last of Us, humanity’s grim situation and the gradual bond between the main characters Joel and Ellie really drew me in. Since it was recently released at the time of writing this I’ll try to give just the basic info. and then just some personality traits on Ellie.

20 years after a fungus-based infection broke out turning humans into savage, mutated creatures and breaking down the structure of everyday society, a smuggler called Joel is given the task of escorting a young 14-year-old girl named Ellie to a group known as the Fireflies. It is not quite what I would call an end-of-the-world scenario since amongst the ruined cities there is still plenty of greenery and other wildlife and there are still enough people left to live in small communities, it’s more that humans have been put back on the food-chain and have had to start worrying about survival and supplies on a daily basis again. ( I watched the film The Road shortly before this game was released and I guess it took a teeny bit of the edge off of it since in that story the entire world was actually dying including the plant-life, therefore actually managing to be an even worse situation – it was such a heart-breaking film ) I really love that The Last of Us is full of shades of grey rather than things that are black and white which can bring up really interesting discussions. Not only do Joel and Ellie have to fight against the infected but also fellow humans. It really is a very thought-provoking game along with some great drama which is just how I like them! =D The horror sections also tend to get amazingly tense so I see it as being on par with my favourite survival horror games.

I found Ellie to be a really expressive and interesting character. She’s smart and goes through some good character development throughout the game. And most of her outfits really appeal to me since they are similar styles to what I like to wear. Having been born after the outbreak and never having known what life was like before she sometimes finds some of the things Joel mentions to be quite strange. She’s also very feisty when she needs to protect herself or others, often cursing during attacks. Though in actuality she’s actually quite sweet yet confident when not having to fight for her life. Ellie’s character has also been nicely fleshed out with some nice little quirks and interests to make her even more human and believable. She enjoys comics, telling jokes and learning to whistle.


HotshotShan posted on 7 July, 2014 - 09:56
very cool, Ellie is such a great character you look awesome!

Tsuchinoko posted on 10 July, 2014 - 22:17
Thanks very much =) Yeah I agree, she's one of my favourites ^^

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24th June 2013

Ordered Wig & General Progress

I managed to find a wig that looks to have the correctly shaped fringe and a good reddish-brown colour to it. It will need some altering since it's pre-styled with a long and high ponytail for use for a different character. A clip-on ponytail wouldn't be right in Ellie's case since they give height to the hair and Ellie's is tied low-ish, so I'm hoping I'll be able to style it okay by gathering and tying the hair from the same wig then shortening the length.

I already have a black, long-sleeved top I can use and bought some T-shirt transfer paper last week. Her shoes are a design that I've seen available in several shops and although I already have some jeans I'll most likely buy a new pair since I want to try to give them a worn and dusty look.