Leif [On Hold] - Animal Crossing: New Leaf



I can't help it.
I love Sloths.
I love Animal Crossing
And I love Leif.

This must happen, it's everything I ever loved

Chimmy posted on 28 December, 2013 - 23:52
It will be amazing to see a Leif cosplay :D I love his character, I think you'll pull him off well c: Can't wait to see progress and the final result :D

8th October 2013

A small start

After much searching, I finally found a jumper that seems like it'd work for the Leif design in my head. And so I went ahead and ordered the wig and a hat for him, so all I really need to do now is make the apron, find some shorts and green welly's. It has begun, and I cannot wait to become one with the sloths.

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