Sora Naegino (Casual) - Kaleido Star


One of my all time favourite anime and characters!

Very easy precon and relaxation cosplay to put together. The series desperately needs more cosplay love!

I wanna try one of her more elaborate costumes but that has to wait until I lose the weight to be able to pull them off. The title screen variant has been a dream for a long, long time! Dem wings!

Most like gonna do this for Kitacon as I wanna focus my efforts purely on my masquerade cosplay after Christmas :) Hopefully Sora will be complete with inlines!

As much as I love my other costumes at Invasion this one was perhaps my favourite to wear. It was a perfect filler costume; everything was comfortable, it had pockets so no need for bags, perfect for partying and hardly any messing about with the right wig preparation :D Looking forward to bringing her out again, and perhaps then Ill be getting some cooler shots :D

Heorot posted on 24 November, 2013 - 14:49
Yay for Kaleido Star! It doesn't get enough cosplay love indeed!!

Bleachgirl425 posted on 2 April, 2014 - 12:33
Yes! I love Kaleido Star! I'm so happy seeing Kaleido Star cosplayers especially in the UK! Love your cosplay!

Modify dungarees

Total cost: £0.00

10th March 2014

All set!

Was dyed ages ago but was left to one side for a while. Just finished the final touches.

24th January 2014

Alrighty! :D

Had a bit of a war over them throughout the day but the dungarees should arrive in a few days :D They will need some modifying but they shouldnt take long at all! Just a bit nervous as it may be my first dye job since one of my first cosplays XD Gave the wig a slight touch up as it was my first wig styling effort ^^ Saved the cut offs in case I want to make some wefts to make it fuller but my other costumes take priority for now XD I have a new gymnast ribbon as they make such wonderful cat toys :P First one was a cheap one so I have a better one now ^^

23rd January 2014


Styled :) Gonna look at it again tomorrow so I can see if anything else can be dont to make it better :) Im so not confident with wigs XD ahahaha! ^^;

22nd January 2014

C'mon Ebay! Dont fail me now!

Took a while to find some I liked but I just bidded on some dungarees so fingers crossed! If that fails then its a Primark job methinks if they have any :D too bad its the wrong time of year ^^; Will also be a prefect time to get a looser shirt. I have one somewhere, but I think I bigger one would look cuter ^^ hehe

11th December 2013

Wig arrived!!!

Much longer thank I expected XD Might look into wefting as its quite thin in places ^^

30th November 2013

Wig ordered!

Also ordered a gymnast's ribbon ^^ Im not very athletic but with some practice this might make some pretty pictures ^^ Now to look some good dungarees :)

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