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For my next project I though about doing something tasteful, practical, modest and suitable for my age and body shape. For about 2 seconds, then thought, Nah, lets do Power Girl, buoyed with the success of Black Cat and Black Canary (well nobody attacked me) I thought I could get away with it.

There are actually quite a few variations of Power Girl’s costume out there, all comic artists have there own take on it, after some deliberation I decided to try and base mine on the one in the first few issues of the 2009 mini series drawn by Amanda Conner.

I found a costume on ebay, supplier (from China) would do it made to measure and make a couple of changes I wanted (red belt and adjust to the leg line) and found some blue PVC boots on alternative-footware.co.uk, so that's it then :)Erm no.

Boots weren’t perfect, but I knew I would never be able to find the exact pair retail and making boots myself is kinda beyond me, the boots do have a small platform and a nearly 6” heel, which will push me over 6’6”, OK I don’t mind towering, I like to think of it as being “Super Hero Sized” ;) Plus the heels the my legs look longer balancing out my over long body.

The costume arrived and erm, oh :( Gloves where un-wearable, I dunno what they where thinking, the fingers where stubs, the belt was a bit small and fasten with velcro, I don’t like velcro and the buckle, oh dear, a little bag of gold coloured fabric padded out and held on with a safety pin :( the cape was OK, but it was on a gold cord held on with another safety pin and the gold boss was another of those bags of gold fabric held on with, you guessed it, another safety pin. The body suit was mostly OK, the infamous boob window was a bit small, which is probably a good idea really and the suit itself fitted my unusual shaped body quite well, apart from the sleeves, these where quite baggy, I would need arms like an Olympic shot-putter to fill them :( Damm.

So the costume was overall, a bit crap, but we can fix it.

Belt and gloves where binned, I sewed up the sleeves on my little machine and it now fits everywhere and ordered some blue PVC (to match the boots) opera gloves of the net (again from China). Gloves came, weren't and exact match for the boots, damm, but near enough I guess, had to shorted them and put the ends on a slant, like the comic ones (they had more detail which was beyond me, but I was determined to have the ends slanted). After much cursing and faffing around cutting and machine and hand sewing I had then adjusted. But then I realised I had cut them both the same way, instead of making a left and a right version, DOH!!! They did fit very well either. Ordered some blue satin stretch opera gloves off Ebay to replace them (very cheap), figured satin would stretch and fit better, managed to shorten and slant them after several attempts (had to unpick the seems several times), it was 1am when I finished, I do tend to get lost in my work sometimes)

For the belt I made my own buckle out of EVA foam and a little styrene to reinforce it, its not quite the right shape (should be a “Power” symbol) but I had to keep it circular for strength. Also made the shoulder armour (The version of Power girl I was working on has her cape just over one shoulder held under a golden shoulder pad) out of EVA, also with a little styrene reinforcement. Sealed the foam with PVA, undercoated and sanded them down, so far so good, then painted them with some Gold Chrome spary paint paint OMG what an amazing finish, the paint turned foam into what looked like sold 24 carat gold, I’ve never seen anything like it :) left the paint to dry for a day, erm still soft, touch it and it left a finger print, damm. Repaint, leave for 2 days, and still soft, why won’t this paint dry!! Google the paint, turns out it never really dries, that’s why it looks so good, looks good but makes it unusable if you can’t touch it. Tried clear coating it to seal it. Clear coat hardened it right up and makes it useable, but turns the paint a dull yellowy brown colour :( bugger. Avoid Chrome paint.

Searched around and tried various other paints, best I found was Plasti-kote quick dry enamel in “Gold Leaf”, didn’t look quite as good as the chrome stuff, but dried quickly to a hard coat. Made the strap for the armour out of ribbon, painted gold to match.

The cape that came with the costume was rather to big to just go over one shoulder, so I cut it in half and sewed up a hem down the cut edge, then ran a bootlace though the top seem and gathered it up, then tied the bootlace to the ribbons holding the shoulder guard, seems to work.

For the belt material I found some 50mm red tape fabric strip stuff in John Lewis that nearly matched the cape and only need a quick couple of runs through the machine to seam (or is it hem, dunno the right word, I’m a self taught sewer) the edges, just need to find a suitable way to attach it to the buckle in a way I can get it on and off.

So that’s it almost done, hope to have it ready for London Film and Comic Con.

Have just done a photoshoot and its highlighted a few problems, wig is bad, underwear (always tricky under spandex) needs a rethink and that shoulder pad needs holding in place better, perhaps with a safety pin through the strap to hold it onto the leotard.


Kitka posted on 23 June, 2013 - 20:25
Really looking forward to seeing this, the piping on the leotard looks spot on! Love the boots too :)

PandoraCaitiff posted on 24 June, 2013 - 11:06
"Boob window" heh :D I'm sure this is going to look awesome. Just be sure to radiate a super-sized aura of confidence!

Captain_Marvelous posted on 3 July, 2013 - 12:52
Loving the progress! from one Kryptonian to another! Superman Approves!

quixoticschlemiel posted on 22 July, 2013 - 14:33
Hi, love the costume! Did you say you were going to wear her in October? I was planning on wearing my Peej in October too, what day are you wearing her? Maybe we could get a pic together :)

HelenaLove posted on 26 July, 2013 - 21:56
Hi quixoticschlemiel, I am planning to wear it on the Saturday for MCM (or what ever is going to be called now) Expo in October 2013 on Saturday and would love to get a photo with you, I will be easy to spot as I'm very large. But October is a long way off and anything can happen between now and then

quixoticschlemiel posted on 27 July, 2013 - 20:25
That would be a great photo because even with my heels I'm only 5"3, we'd be Peej and Mini-Peej :D I'm planning on cosplaying her for Saturday too so I'll definitely keep an eye out for you :)

Captain_Marvelous posted on 6 October, 2013 - 16:36
Gorgeous!!! Sad I won't get to see it in person! Love to get pics with my superman costume!

Progress Journal

18th May 2015


Updated it with new boots and gloves that are much closer to source material (not perfect though) and match this time. Boots where cheap brown leatherette wedges from Shoe Zone, gloves where black matt PVC opera gloves from Honour, I would of got blue gloves and boots but couldn’t find blue ones in my size anywhere . I shortened the gloves and fitted brass zips, the boots had a couple of buckles removed, then both where painted with Flexible Vinyl Spray Paint I found in Halfords. Also repainted the belt buckle and made a new strap for the pauldron because both where damaged. Improves the costume a bit and the boots are more comfortable than the other ones, but I’m worried about that paint lasting, its already cracked a bit on one of the gloves from just the wear at the photoshoot :(

6th October 2013

Just about finished

Wore it to the LFCC, so I'm going to call it finished. I guess I was noticed a bit at the con ;) got complimented a few times and had several pictures taken, also generated a few laughs and an awful lot of WTF, well that's to be understood, its possibly the least suitable costume I could wear for my body type :P
There does remain a possibility of a version 1.1 though with changes in the chest area

19th September 2013


Ok, it looks like Power Girls first outing will be the London Film and Comic Con on the 5th of October, Woot :)

6th July 2013

To Hot

Got another wig and sorted out the underwear, but wimped out on the LFCC, its the bloody weather, its just far too hot for me, as even though the costume looks skimpy, its actually a rather warm costume due to all the extra bits and pieces I have to wear with it and I couldn't cope with it in the 27 degree heat today, especially as I would have to go to Earls Court on the tube, which is like an oven when it gets this warm. The costume will keep till October MCM expo, where you can pretty much guarantee it will be cold and grey.